Zytologiebürste für Endométrie ENDOCIC

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Zytologiebürste für Endométrie ENDOCIC ENDOCIC Endometrial sampler... mehr
Produktinformationen "Zytologiebürste für Endométrie ENDOCIC"

Zytologiebürste für Endométrie ENDOCIC

ENDOCIC Endometrial sampler (mucus - sperm) with steel plunger

  • For endometrial cytologic sampling.
  • Länge 28,5 cm , O.D. 2,4 mm
  • einzeln steril verpackt

Its very thin design is indicated for stenotic uterus and menopause women. It allows a painless and easy routine screening of the endometrium avoiding uterus neck dilation or traction.

  • A steel plunger slides into an outer plastic sheath with 1 side port on the tip. A measurement scale placed on the sheath ranges from 1 to 12 cm (1 cm resolution)
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